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Remote Viewing

Can anyone suggest a remote viewing solution without using IVMS-4500, building is across the road and my customer wants the DVR connect to the HDMI port on his current TV. I'm using a TVI system.

I've thought about using a wireless bridge and HDMI over IP but its very costly.


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Re: Remote Viewing

You can do the IP bridge cheaper than Ubiquity etc. TP Link make a CPE210 bridge, you can get them for around £35-£40 a unit, we use 2 for security, but I think you can point it towards a wifi router and pick the signal up, but I haven't tried this yet. You would only need one then
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Re: Remote Viewing

I know this is way too late but for others in future.

HDMI in RAW format over a cable has a very high bit rate, over a wifi bridge you are probably looking at maxing it out unless you are buying really good bridge devices.

A more reliable solution that we have used in the past was to purchase a Raspberry Pi with a fan cooling case. Load RaspbianOS with the desktop and use VLC to connect to the RTSP stream from the camera. There is a bit of work in tweaking Raspbian to work but it has a HDMI out port so can connect to your TV.

Hoping this might help someone in future.

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