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HikVision Intercom Unlock functions

Hello everyone.
We have the following scenario:
1 outdoor station DS-KV8102-IM and 3 indoor monitors DS-KH6310-W.
The system is connected and working. The problem is that the customer needs to be able to Unlock 2 doors, with just 1 outdoor station. This doesn't appear to be possible because the outdoor station has 2 unlock options (NC and NO) which are armed simultaneously when the unlock button is pressed. This is not good for us because we want to be able to choose which door to open, not both doors at once.
We have asked this from the local supplier and they provided as with a customized firmware for the indoor stations which provides 2 Unlock buttons at the screen, but they are not sure how to use the second unlock button. Currently When pressing the Unlock 2 button we get a message "Unlocking Failed". Pressing Unlock 1 button opens both doors at the same time.
Do you have any experience with this system or can you think of any way to accomplish the task?
I have uploaded images from the indoor station
Thank you,
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Re: HikVision Intercom Unlock functions

This reply was made by Paul Thorogood :
Use a double pole very handy relay, use the normally open of the HIK unit to fire the relay with either a 12v AC or DC input and wire the positive of both doors (locks) you want to release through both poles on the relay. Job done
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Re: HikVision Intercom Unlock functions

I think maybe the reseller has been a little confused , are they UK based ? I would go back to them and ask for a technical explanation of this , it has only 1 relay on this call station with NO/NC but they are the same relay so this wouldn’t control 2 doors via the new button on the firmware , there is another larger unit but this is a lot larger and more costly , you could get around this by simply adding another external call station to the 2nd door postion and this would allow you to connect to it and open the door when called or just connect in and open as needed , I think this might be the cheaper and quickest fix for you
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Re: HikVision Intercom Unlock functions

Thank you for your answers.
Yes, as it turns out after speaking with hikvision support, we cannot accomplish this with the specific Outdoor unit alone. We either need another one, or install a KD model instead.

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